Cutting down on drinks and cereals is a great way to start protecting your child from sugar. But don’t stop there, there are lots of other small changes that you can make to help your child live a healthier life, safe from the dangers of sugar.

• If you’re taking the kids out for the day, plan ahead and take water and healthy snacks with you. Not only will this help you control how much sugar your kids have on the day out, it will save you money too!

• Kid’s yoghurts are often high in sugar so swapping them for no added sugar versions or plain yoghurt with fruit are healthier alternatives.

• Be brave and take control. It might take a bit of time for your children to change their habits but in the long run it’ll be worth it.

• Try giving your children plain popcorn as a treat. It’s cheap and quick to make and you can always add dried (and sugar free) pineapple, pear or apple for extra flavour.

• Watch out for ready meals and sauces! These often contain high levels of sugar so try to make meals from scratch wherever possible. (Top tip: Tinned tomatoes are a great base for a pasta sauce that can be frozen and added to pasta for a quick and tasty meal.)

• If you’re making a healthy meal for your child, get them involved making it. They’re more likely to eat it if they enjoyed making it! Why not make some of these low sugar recipes together.

• Give your child healthy after school snacks like apple with a slice of cheese, rice cakes, bread sticks or slices of wholemeal pitta bread with hummus.

• Encourage your child to eat more fruit whether that be dried, fresh, tinned or frozen. It’s naturally sweet and great for them. Just make sure any tinned and dried fruit doesn’t contain any added sugars before you give it to them.

• Make fruit easily accessible around the house. If you have a well-stocked fruit bowl on offer your kids may be more likely to reach for fruit than go searching for sweets.

• Talk to your child’s school or nursery about not serving sugary drinks at meal times.

• Pass the message on to anyone else who has care for your children, such as grandparents so children are getting clear and consistent messages.



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