Now you know the dangers that sugary drinks pose to your kids, you’re probably keen to keep your child away from them, but how? Parents can often feel trapped and short of options but we’ve put together some handy suggestions to help you make healthy changes to your child’s life.

Try these suggestions instead of sugary drinks:

You can’t beat water!

When it comes to healthy refreshing drinks, water is king! Try and get into the habit of serving water either at meals time or when your child is thirsty. Once they get used to regularly drinking water they should be more hydrated and crave sugary drinks less.

And even better news is that the water supply for our city is sourced from one of the most beautiful lakes in Wales, Lake Vyrnwy. This water delivers a quality and purity to rival top selling bottled waters, and all you need to do to enjoy it is turn on the tap.

Try reducing sugar in stages

The journey from high sugar to low sugar doesn’t have to be done in one go, so long as you start making steps to reduce the sugar in your child’s diet. If your child doesn’t want to swap to water, try moving to lower sugar drinks first and then move on to water or milk.

Ice cubes are cool!

Add some ice cubes to make water even more refreshing. Kids love watching them melt too.

Milk is good for teeth

Tooth friendly and packed with vitamins and minerals, milk is a great choice for people of all ages. It’s also a good source of calcium, which helps to build and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Have pure fruit juices at mealtimes only

Pure fruit juice has some health benefits but is also high in sugar. So it’s important to limit them to one small (150ml) glass a day with a meal.

Make your own smoothies

Try making your child a smoothie with fresh, frozen or tinned fruit. One 150ml glass now and then can be a refreshing treat that your child will love. (It’s one of their 5 a day too!) Just remember smoothies are high in sugar so limit them to mealtimes only.

Stick to no added sugar cordials

Many fruit squashes and cordials can be high in sugar. So look out for no added sugar free versions when buying these for your child. Even no added sugar versions still contain sugar from fruits so only give them to your child at mealtimes.

Keep fizzy drinks out of the house

Out of sight, out of mind. Save them for an occasional treat when you’re out and about.

Fizzy water can be a sparkling choice!

If your child wants something a bit more exciting than water to drink, fizzy water is a good option.



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